fluidion - Scientific Articles - ASTEE Scientific report - Mocopee p.105-116 (2018)


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Autonomous system for rapid in situ quantification of the bacterial quality of wastewater a performance report of the Fluidion « ALERT » system

A scientific article by Fluidion in collaboration with the Wastewater Authority of the larger Paris SIAAP (Syndicat d'Assainissement de l'Agglomération Parisienne), focusing on the use of ALERT rapid microbiology instrumentation for wastewater measurements in all treatment processes. A new measurement protocol allows covering the full concentration range, from influent to treated effluent, with an accuracy similar to the laboratory.

Abstract: This chapter focuses on the metrological performance of the Fluidion® ALERT system for monitoring fecal bacteria in WWTPs, and in particular for the E. coli parameter. This is a collaborative effort between Siaap, via its Innovation and Environment Department and the Fluidion R&D team. The first step in this work was to adjust the analysis protocol and to propose a new calibration line adapted to the “wastewater” matrix. The second step was validated by the ALERT system by comparing its results with those obtained by the reference regulatory method. The statistical study of the differences between the measurements of the ALERT system and those of the laboratory shows that 46% of the measurements are less than a factor of 2, and 93% of the measurements less than a factor of 5 compared to the reference method, without any systematic deviation over the entire range from 4 to 1.00E08 MPN / 100ml. The increased correlation coefficients obtained both for the full range, as well as for the range of concentrations below 1.00E5 MPN / 100 mL, allow to confirm that the results given by the ALERT system are comparable with the results of the reference MPN test method. This is also confirmed by the comparison of confidence intervals.

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