fluidion - Scientific Articles - Journal of Applied Microbiology, Vol. 126, p. 332 (2018)


fld JAM 2018

"Autonomous system for rapid field quantification of E. coli in surface waters" : A scientific article recently published by fluidion in collaboration with SIAAP (the Paris wastewater agency) in the well-respected Journal of Applied Microbiology (doi: 10.1111/jam.14066). It presents the ALERT E.coli quantification technology, focusing specifically on its metrological validation through side-by-side comparison using most probable number (MPN) techniques, and on applications related to rapid in-site monitoring in diverse fresh water matrices.


Aims: The purpose of this work is to present and evaluate the performance of a novel Automatic Lab‐in‐vial E. coli Remote Tracking (ALERT) technology based on an automated real‐time defined substrate approach, and implemented in both portable and in‐situ instruments.

Methods and Results: We present the fresh‐water calibration procedure, and assess performance using side‐by‐side comparison with most‐probable‐number (MPN) approaches in terms of accuracy, reproducibility and capability to correctly generate early‐warning alerts. Long‐term data from an operational in‐situ deployment at a potential bathing site is presented as well.

Conclusions: ALERT technology is shown to be an accurate and rapid bacterial quantification technology, capable of autonomous in‐situ measurements with metrological capabilities comparable to those of an approved laboratory using MPN microplate techniques.

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