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RS 14V

The RS-14V system collects samples (14 bottles of 250mL) using an internal vacuum pump, and is capable of operating in harsh environments and under the most unforgiving weather conditions. The sampler is highly resilient, resists shocks and severe outdoor exposure, and can float like a buoy and collect samples unattended. It can be used near shore, attached to a buoy, or deployed from a vessel, and can be triggered on demand from a mobile phone through a simple text message. It can easily be pre-programmed from a mobile phone or computer USB port to acquire time-series samples, or to use automatic triggering with external sensors (optional). It is a reliable sampling workhorse for the most diverse applications: spill monitoring, storm sampling, tidal events, phytoplankton blooms, and microbiological research.

The RS-14V system is controlled by Fluidion’s patented technology using an internal vacuum pump. For each sample, a unique sampling path and a one-way check-valve ensure consistent, uncontaminated sampling every time, as well as sample isolation post-sampling. Validated by independent laboratories, samples taken with RS-14V are equivalent to the standardized manual sampling performed by a trained technician. 

The RS-14V system is certified through the European Environmental Technology Verification Program (VN20180030). ETV is a validation of environmental technology performance by qualified third parties based on analytical lab test using regulated protocols or specific requirements. (Verified parameters: DOC, organophosphate, E. coli, Enterococci)



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