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DWS2.pngThe Deep Water Sampler allows up to 26 grab samples to be collected at depths of 300m (shallow), 1500m (deep), 3000m (ultra-deep) or 6000m (extreme) using miniaturized peristaltic pump (PP) technology. Specifically designed as a modular system for easy fitting onto any glider or in the payload bay of an AUV or ROV, the Deep Water Sampler is a first for autonomous underwater vehicles: returning in-situ samples to surface allows for subsequent lab analysis (complete fingerprinting of hydrocarbon traces, full ocean chemistry, biology) and verification of inline sensor measurements. Being pressure-balanced, the entire system maintains constant buoyancy throughout the deployment. 

The sampling controller can be deployed in a variety of configurations. This versatility enables a wide range of sampling strategies. The sampling bottles can be outfitted with various kinds of filters to concentrate suspended matter and biological material, or they can be prefilled with different sample preservatives or biocides. Optionally, the Deep Water Sampler can be equipped with a selective manifold flushing system, which ensures on-demand, representative, zero cross-contamination sampling (optional). The volume and material of the sampling bottles can be customized to address specific applications. The number of sample bottles and their physical configuration can easily be adapted to most platforms – we routinely manufacture custom fixtures and sampling configurations to address the most diverse client requirements.

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     DWS datasheet


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