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The Coastal Sampler was developed at the request of professionals in the fields of oceanography and limnology, and is optimized for the rapid collection of large-volume samples, including associated suspended solid matter. It can acquire up to 14 independent 500mL samples at depths from surface to 100 meters. By implementing a novel patent-pending sampling mechanism based on vacuum reservoir drive, the Coastal Sampler does not require a pump, thus entirely eliminating cross-contamination issues. Sample collection has never been easier and more accurate, whether it is for subsequent lab analysis (chemistry, biology) or for verification of inline sensor measurements.

The Coastal Sampler can be deployed in different settings: attached to a mooring, deployed on the ocean seafloor, lowered off a dock, in rivers or lakes. The installation versatility enables implementing a wide range of sampling strategies. Sampling bottles can also be outfitted with different kinds of filters to concentrate suspended matter and biological material, or they can be prefilled with different sample preservatives or biocides. Depending on the type of sample, multiple sample transfer options are available. Equipment maintenance has been simplified to enable rapid redeployment. With the right equipment, maintenance can be performed directly in the field – the large internal battery, combined with the low power consumption, allow multiple deployments to be performed between charges.

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