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FLUIDION ChemicalAnalyzer

The in-line e-Chem® Chemical Analyzer from fluidion is a unique highly miniaturized system capable of performing multi-parameter chemical analysis of drinking water using approved chemistry protocols and the latest microfluidic technology, in a fully autonomous and unattended manner. The system uses only microliters of sample for each measurement, which allows it to operate continuously for weeks while generating minimal waste. It can log the pH of water and accurately quantify a number of chemical compounds such as Chlorine, Nitrites, and/or Ortho-phosphates, sending data wirelessly to the operator cell phone and remote cloud and/or client-based servers.


The e-Chem® Chemical Analyzer can be installed in any facility or field location in under 15 minutes, and is fully operational out of the box. Integrated is its own miniaturized pump so it does not require a pressurized line. Operating on rechargeable batteries, it can provide measurements even in remote locations far from the power grid. A floating version of the e-Chem® Chemical Analyzer is also available (optional), which can be installed directly inside a water tank, thus obviating the need for expensive infrastructure (piping, pumps, solar panels, cabinets, communication equipment etc.) The maintenance procedure is quick, and consists of swapping battery and reagent every 4-12 weeks (depending on measurement frequency), and emptying the waste reservoir. Field calibration is not required.

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