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The ALERT System V2 from Fluidion is a unique analyzer capable of automatic contamination-free sampling in-situ, reagent mixing and incubation, optical detection (absorbance and fluorescence), bacterial quantification (E. coli, total and fecal coliforms) and wireless data transmission. It uses a unique disposable measurement cartridge concept, which greatly simplifies field maintenance operations, and eliminates any potential for contamination or human error.

The ALERT System V2 provides a quantified response in terms of bacteria/100 mL present in the sampled water, and has been validated through numerous side-by-side studies with approved laboratories. Sampling in the disposable measurement cartridges is controlled by an internal vacuum module and the instrument implements Fluidion’s multispectral optical detection technology, which ensures consistent, uncontaminated sampling and measurements. Triggered via a mobile phone or web interface, the analyzer can quantify a wide range of bacterial concentrations and issue automatic alerts if a threshold is exceeded, enabling greater operator responsiveness in case of pollution events.

  • Are you a municipality that is concerned about local water quality?
  • Do you suspect fecal contamination of your source or drinking water?
  • Do you manage swimming, fishing or aquaculture facilities, and are worried such contamination?
  • You want to reassure your clients about your proactive stance on water quality?
  • Are you managing a potable water or wastewater plant?

In this case, come see us ! We would be glad to show you how the ALERT System can help in your specific case. 

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