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The ALERT LAB from fluidion is a unique analyzer capable of automatic processing and measurement of a manually-collected fluid sample. It performs automatic incubation, optical monitoring (multispectral absorbance and fluorescence) and wireless data transmission, providing rapid bacterial enumeration. The ALERT LAB greatly simplifies measurement logistics, eliminates the need for sample refrigeration during transportation prior to standard laboratory measurements, and minimizes errors due to sample degradation between collection and measurement. It has been shown to have similar accuracy and repeatability to an approved laboratory using MPN methods.

The ALERT LAB can be used in a variety of settings for quantifying E. coli, Total Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms or Enterococci presence in lakes, rivers, coastal water, catchment sites or in water treatment plants. It can be operated on a rechargeable battery at a remote field location, powered via a vehicle’s power on-the-go, or plugged into an electrical outlet in a laboratory setting. Capable of carrying out six independent measurements on a battery charge, full water quality monitoring at remote field locations is considerably simplified while minimizing cost and time-to-result. The mobile ALERT LAB is extremely portable and fully operational out-of-the-box.

A fully-automated in-situ version (ALERT System V2) is also available, which can be installed directly in-situ, thus eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure (piping, pumps, cabinets, communication equipment etc.).

The ALERT LAB provides a quantified response in terms of bacteria/100 mL present in the sampled water, that has been validated through numerous side-by-side studies with approved laboratories. The system implements Fluidion’s multispectral optical detection technology, w­­hich ensures high accuracy consistent measurements and rapid time-to-result. Triggered via mobile phone through an online command portal, the analyzer measures a wide range of concentrations, sends data wirelessly and can generate automatic alerts if a control threshold is exceeded in order to enable greater operator responsiveness.

  • Are you a municipality that is concerned about local water quality?
  • Do you suspect fecal contamination of your source or drinking water?
  • Do you manage swimming, fishing or aquaculture facilities, and are worried such contamination?
  • You want to reassure your clients about your proactive stance on water quality?
  • Are you managing a potable water or wastewater plant?

In this case, come see us ! We would be glad to show you how the ALERT LAB can help in your specific case. 

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ALERT LAB datasheet


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