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fluidion products are based on a breakthrough innovation combining MEMS and microfluidic technology bricks. They are able to collect and analyze (biological and chemical measurements) multiple individual samples, or perform continuous inline real-time measurements.

This feature enables the use of fluidion products in remote or difficult-to-access settings, or in extreme environments where alternative technologies are very limited and prohibitively expensive (high pressure / deep water).

Remote triggering allows the sampler to be controlled via a smartphone or a dedicated web interface, allowing real-time data analysis, transmission and visualization. Water quality monitoring becomes just a mouse click away !

fluidion has currently developed two different product ranges: 

  • Automatic samplers : can acquire multiple individual samples ranging in volume from 50 to 250mL
  • Fluid analyzers : allow direct microbiological or chemical measurements of the sample, with analysis results uploaded real-time to a dedicated web server over GSM network or other long range networks.

The table below describes the main features of our products, their advantages and client benefits:


Autonomous sampling campaigns 

Sampling in difficult-to-access environments

Simplified logistics :

Fewer trips for a sampling campaign; installation of the sampling system is performed once, and all samples are collected at the end of the campaign. 

Cost and maintenance reduction

On-demand sampling : pre-programmed or remotely-triggered timing, customizable sample number, variable types of sampling bottles / vials (including custom made), possibility to integrate chemical measurements, integrated sample preparation
Simplified, remotely-controlled sampling. Capability to sample regardless of severe weather or the time of day. Risk reduction. Possibility to adapt the sampling bottles / vials as per user requirements, integration of in-situ chemical measurements.  
In-situ water quality monitoring A direct measurement of the concentrations of various microbiological or chemical pollutants, enabling faster response to uncontrolled discharge events.
measurement without drift, allowing periodic recalibration of other in-line sensors. More reliable results.
Triggered sampling following various alerts (e.g. out-of-range measurement from other sensors, alert threshold reached) Allows in-depth analysis of the specific conditions that triggered the alert.
4D pollution monitoring  Implementing a dense array of samplers around a pollution site allows a detailed surveillance of large-scale uncontrolled discharge in space and in time, enabling a faster, targeted response.

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