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fluidion products are based on a breakthrough innovation combining MEMS and microfluidic technology bricks. They are able to collect and analyze (biological and chemical measurements) multiple individual samples, or perform continuous inline real-time measurements.

ALERT System V2


The ALERT System V2 is Fluidion’s latest autonomous, remotely-controllable analyzer for quantifying E.Coli, total and fecal coliforms. Suitable for bathing water assessments, environmental studies, and treatment process monitoring, ALERT System V2 uses an innovative disposable cartridge concept to provide unprecedented accuracy and repeatability, while greatly simplifying maintenance procedures. Installed in-situ, ALERT System V2 measures bacterial concentration and provides automatic alerts in real time. It can integrate additional probes for complete water quality data, delivered to you through a real-time analytics interface.




The FLUIDION ALERT LAB is a fully portable, autonomous and remotely-controllable analyzer for the measurement of E. coli and other bacteria. ALERT LAB performs the same type of bacterial analysis as the ALERT System V2, except for the automatic sampling function. Suitable for source water and environmental monitoring at a field location, in a moving vehicle, or in a lab, it performs six measurements using a 12V power source or battery. The ALERT LAB enables rapid bacterial enumeration immediately following water sampling by field personnel.


RS-14V Surface Water Sampler

RS 14V

The FLUIDION RS-14V instrument is a remotely-controlled surface sampling system for ocean sciences, limnology research, source water testing and environmental monitoring. With a robust design, it allows uncontaminated sampling in surface waters in challenging conditions, by simple SMS text message from a mobile phone.


Coastal Sampler


The Coastal Sampler is an autonomous sampling system for oceanography and limnology research. It can be used as a fully-autonomous pre-scheduled or adaptive sampling platform, or can be controlled by an external master system. It is optimized for rapidly acquiring large-volume grab samples, including large sediment particles. It is extremely rugged, field-serviceable, and dependable. A real sampling workhorse!

Deep Water Sampler

Fluidion DeepWaterSampler

The FLUIDION Deep Water Sampler is a miniaturized sampling system for deep water research and subsea deployment on AUV/ROV or glider platforms. The pressure-balanced pumping technology can operate in water depths from surface to 6000m, and can perform pre-programmed or triggered sampling based on sensor reading, or on external command. For autonomous shallow water applications, a battery power pack and a scheduler module are also available.


Fluidion Drone

DroneImg sml

The FLUIDION DRONE is a portable, remotely controlled platform that represents an evolutionary step forward for aquatic environments under strong anthropic pressure. The FLUIDION DRONE is able to acquire certified representative samples, and perform measurements of bathymetry and physical, chemical and microbiological water quality parameters at surface or depth: a complete platform for environmental monitoring!



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