fluidion - Applications - Water Treatment

The treatment of raw water depends on its quality, which depends on its origin and can vary over time. The water to be treated must be continually analyzed. fluidion products can be used to perform sampling and measurement operations for testing water quality, both upstream and downstream of water treatment plantsPositioned upstream of a facility, they can monitor the contamination present in the water entering the plant such that the proper treatment can be adapted accordinglyPositioned downstream, they can monitor the effectiveness of treatment and allow for optimization.

Potable water requires passage through several stages of capture and distribution during the treatment and decontamination cycle, the water quality is subject to great attention at each step:

- Sources of captured water: In France, 62% of treated water comes from groundwater sources, and 32% from lakes and rivers.

- The production of drinking water: The water captured from these sources is not potable and needs to be filtered, purified and decontaminated by treatment facilities.

- Water storage: Once the water is potable, it is stored in reservoirs tanks or water towers.

Distribution and usage: The water is then channeled through a network of pipes and valves for use.

- Wastewater collection: Once water is used, it is then routed to treatment facilities.

- Wastewater treatment:The wastewater and sewage treatment plants treat the wastewater and return to the natural environment thereafter (then the cycle repeats).

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