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The domains of application for fluidion products are very diverse. Samplers and analyzers can be used to perform environmental monitoring of water quality in urban settings (drinking water, rain water, water treatment), natural environments (lakes, rivers, coastal waters, sea waters and oceans) and also for industrial pollution monitoring (e.g. chemical and nuclear facilities).

The domain of fresh water montitoring has an expressed need for products that can be used in the natural environment, often away from external power sources or infrastructure. It is therefore essential to have fully self-contained products, that are autonomous and take multiple independent samples at controlled time intervals, as with our fluidion sampler. Once collected, these samples can either be analyzed at a later date in a laboratory, or be analyzed directly on site by our fluidion analyzer. Currently used in the industry, in-line sensors have the ability to measure a large number of physical and chemical parameters related to water quality, but suffer from fouling and measurement drift over time. Our fluid analyzer allows a direct measurement of each sample collected  (via spectrophotometry), and because the sensor is not exposed directly to the environment, the measurement is not subject to drift. The fluid analyzer is an integrated module, and as such is a natural extension of the fluid sampler.

The domain of sea/ocean monitoring has a strong need for mobile autonomous samplers that are easy to deploy. Existing systems are large and imposing, necessitating complicated logistics for deployment and collection of samples. Currently, no commercial solutions exist for the collection of samples automatically by buoy, AUV or glider. fluidion products in this market offer the advantage of being compact, easy to deploy, autonomous and well adapted to extreme environments in terms of resistance to pressure and corrosion.

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