fluidion - Applications


The domains of application for fluidion products are very diverse. Samplers and analyzers can be used to perform environmental monitoring of water quality in urban settings (drinking water, rain water, water treatment), natural environments (lakes, rivers, coastal waters, sea waters and oceans) and also for industrial pollution monitoring (e.g. chemical and nuclear facilities).




Water Treatment

The treatment of raw water depends on its quality, which depends on its origin and can vary over time. The water to be treated must be continually analyzed. fluidion products can be used to perform sampling and measurement operations for testing water quality, both upstream and downstream of water treatment plantsPositioned upstream of a facility, they can monitor the contamination present in the water entering the plant such that the proper treatment can be adapted accordinglyPositioned downstream, they can monitor the effectiveness of treatment and allow for optimization.

Environmental monitoring

Our samplers and analyzers are two complementary products for water sampling and monitoring in natural settings. Placed at various strategic points along a river, coastal zone, or lake, they perform sampling and microbiological or chemical analysis operations. 

Industrial pollution

fluidion technology enables detailed 4D-mapping of pollution in space and in time, such as accidental discharges around chemical and nuclear facilities. The fluidion monitoring solution enables access to a quantitative view of the pollution evolution over time, in the minutes, hours and critical days after an accident. This allows for accelerated decision making to find the best suited targeted cleanup operations, and serves as a tool for evaluation of the ecological impact of the discharge. 

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