fluidion - About Us - Overview

Company History

fluidion was born out of a patented technological innovation allowing the deployment of metrological capsules that are capable to perform intelligent actions such as sample acquisition and measurements at precise moments, with no (or very little) electrical consumption, and with excellent resistance to hostile environments.

Corporate vision

fluidion  aims to develop systems for sampling and analysis of water for a number of different markets: water quality in low pressure conditions (rivers, ponds, lakes, coastal waters), and monitoring in deep water (oceanography).

fluidion pursues a strong R&D program in multiple market areas, to target both national and international development, collaborations and market growth. We want to provide tools for the detection of pathogens, toxins, and monitoring of the environment, to improve public health and allow the preservation of ecosystems.

The team

fluidion was founded by scientists, engineers and industry professionals, bringing together an international team of motivated individuals with complementary skills and multidisciplinary experience. Accustomed to operating in global markets, the team brings strong industry expertise in microtechnology, measurement systems development and product commercialization.

France: Fluidion SAS, 231 rue St. Honoré, Paris. USA: Fluidion US Inc., LACI 525 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles CA 90013.
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