The innovation that is at the core of the fluidion sampler and analyzer relies on the use of microfluidics and MEMS, as the breakthrough technology, enabling extreme miniaturization of fluidic systems.

Modular architecture

fluidion technology is based on a modular architecture, which allows easy adaptation to different environmental constraints. The following modules are used to create a sampling and analysis solution for each application:

  • Sampling module
  • Sample treatment module
  • Analysis module
  • Wireless telemetry module
  • Smartphone communication module
  • Data visualisation module


Proprietary fluidion technology relies on particular innovations that allow for tailor-made sampling campaigns that become just a mouse click away. The characteristics and technological advantages of fluidion products can be summarized as follows:

  • Autonomy
  • Automation
  • Versatility
  • Size
  • Resistance
  • Ubiquity


The proprietary fluidion technology relies on MEMS and microfluidic microsystems. These types of devices are microfabricated in a cleanroom, with unequalled control and precision (<1µm). We manufacture our devices in cleanrooms that are fully equipped for MEMS technology, and have strong industrial production track records. This ensures reliable production, perfect repeatability, and contamination-free fabrication.



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